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2024 NCAA Men's Tourney - Final 4 and Championship


Contest closed at 8:20pm on 2024-04-08


Wabash Willie

2nd Place




1st Place


George Monkey

3rd Place

Finish Trader Ending Balance
1st CLUnruh
P$ 179,296.02
2nd Wabash Willie
P$ 149,584.64
3rd George Monkey
P$ 72,491.93
4th BtheWay
P$ 50,976.99
5th GeoKC
P$ 26,434.64
6th DKMeis
P$ 0.00
Entry Fee
10 / 50
Prize Pool
49.5k Prize Tokens
1st Place Prize
12500 Prize Tokens

Contest Summary

This 50 player contest features 49,500 Prize Tokens in total prizes which will be paid to the top 25 players, with 12,500 Prize Tokens to first place.

This contest will run from 10:00am on 2024-04-01 and will run until 8:20pm on 2024-04-08.

Contest Events

  • Will DJ Burns Jr score at least 16 points vs Purdue?
  • Will Zach Edey have at least 20 points and 12 rebounds vs NC State?
  • Will DJ Horne make at least three 3pt FGs against Purdue?
  • Will Braden Smith have at least 8 assists against NC State?
  • Will Mark Sears score at least 16pts and make 3 or more 3pt FGs against UConn?
  • Will at least 5 UConn players score 10pts or more against the Crimson Tide?
  • What overall FG% will Alabama shoot vs the Huskies?
  • Will any UConn player finish with a double-double vs Alabama?
  • What will be the margin of victory in the championship game?
  • How many total 3pt FGs will be made in the championship game?
  • Will any player score at least 25 points in the championship game?
  • Who will win the 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship?

Contest Payouts

  • 1st Place: 12,500 Prize Tokens
  • 2nd Place: 7,500 Prize Tokens
  • 3rd Place: 5,000 Prize Tokens
  • 4th Place: 4,250 Prize Tokens
  • 5th Place: 3,750 Prize Tokens
  • 6th Place: 2,500 Prize Tokens
  • 7th Place: 2,000 Prize Tokens
  • 8th Place: 1,750 Prize Tokens
  • 9th Place: 1,500 Prize Tokens
  • 10th Place: 1,250 Prize Tokens
  • 11th - 25th Place: 500 Prize Tokens

Players Standings

  • 1st Place: CLUnruh
  • 2nd Place: Wabash Willie
  • 3rd Place: George Monkey
  • 4th Place: BtheWay
  • 5th Place: GeoKC
  • 6th Place: DKMeis
  • Disqualified: tleabo
  • Disqualified: Dennis
  • Disqualified: VinnyHo
  • Disqualified: christopher.oldham@yahoo.com

Contest Rules

This contest is limited to 50 entries and is limited to one entry per account. Trading activity can occur while the contest's events remain open. Contest events may close at different times and before the contest has ended. Once a contest event has been resolved, all participating accounts will be updated accordingly.